Volunteer Opportunities

Areas where we could use your help...

Special Events

Many people want to volunteer for our annual special events that are the primary fundraisers. A great special events volunteer will be someone who keeps commitments for meetings, paperwork assignments, or other activities required to organize and put on a special event.


Various events offer the opportunity to orient people to what HCWS is and what we do. Tabling requires someone who can speak knowledgeably about HCWS, solicit donations, and sell HCWS merchandise. Requires someone who enjoys being with people. Good communications skills are necessary. Tabling can be done either indoors or out at a variety of venues.

Outreach Marketing

All of our special events and programs rely on the generosity of business people to donate gift cards, auction items, entertainment and restaurant gift certificates, and a variety of other gifts and supplies. Volunteers are needed to call on businesses, veterinarian offices, hotels, stores, etc. to solicit items. The skills required for this type of volunteer require an in-depth knowledge of HCWS, marketing/public relations, and excellent communications skills. You will be working with members of the Fundraising Committee.

Clinic/Clinic Administration

Our Spay & Neuter Clinic needs volunteers 7 days a week. These positions require the ability to handle the “yuck” factor of surgery and all that goes with it. Volunteers with medical and clinical training are especially useful. Volunteers to monitor and recover the animals, complete the paperwork and do general clean-up like disinfect the floors, sweep, prepare surgical packs, etc. are always needed. Clinic volunteers can also perform administrative needs, such as follow-up phone calls to clients and other office tasks.

Administrative (not at clinic)

There are numerous behind-the-scenes needs that require additional human resources. Doing paperwork, stuffing envelopes, making copies, answering phones, filing, etc. are not exciting by nature. HOWEVER, it is these very mundane tasks that can make or break an organization. HCWS has many needs in this area. A primary volunteer for administrative functions will be one that has business skill sets, patience, can work alone or in groups, and will follow through until a task is complete given a deadline.


Throughout the year HCWS produces blog posts, newsletters, brochures, and other publications. We need qualified writers, editors, and graphic designers to compose and lay out these publications. The ability to meet deadlines is required.


Dogs – Saturdays from 10am–5pm HCWS does dog adoptions at Bogart's Bone Appetit near Ft. Apache and Tropicana (behind McDonalds). Volunteers must be able to stand for long periods, be able to talk to the public about the dogs and HCWS, walk the dogs, and clean up after them.

Cats – Cat adoptions are on Thursdays and Fridays from 4-7pm, Saturdays from 11am-6pm, and Sundays from Noon-6pm at the PetSmart at I-215 and S. Rainbow.

Duties can include cleaning the litter boxes, disinfecting cages and floor surfaces, grooming, and socializing cats. Adoption volunteers will always begin as “cleaners” and/or assistants to the adoption counselor. A senior adoption volunteer may be asked to perform adoption paperwork and assist in screening potential new owners. PetSmart volunteers must be willing to make, at a minimum, a two-month commitment.


Cats - Cats require a climate-controlled environment. Each cat needs to be confined for its safety with room to exercise and play. Twice daily feedings and litter box cleaning is required. Time to socialize, groom, and perform minor first aid is a requirement. Most of the cats we rescue have behavior issues that require patience and lots of loving to make them desirable for adoption.

Kittens – Newborns/Not Weaned

These kittens have a high non-survival rate and are the hardest to foster. Depending on the age, they could require feedings every 2-3 hours around the clock. Fostering non-weaned cats requires constant attention and lots of handling and coaxing to stimulate their digestive systems. As the death rate is high, this is not for people who can’t cope emotionally.

Kittens – Weaned

Fosters are required to do everything necessary for cats as indicated above. In addition, the kittens of feral cats need additional socializing and handling to improve their adoption rates.

*Fostering is very difficult work and is one of the most critical needs for Heaven Can Wait Animal Society at any given time. A commitment to foster must be a commitment of passion, love, and time.